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Wahabi: Pengganas Sekutu Yahudi dan Nasrani


Shaykh Ahmad Kadirov
Pelampau akan menggunakan apa saja cara untuk memusnahkan fahaman, pegangan dan amalan anda yang tidak selari dengan mereka. Mereka bukan sekadar membiD’ah, mentafsiq, mentadhlil (menghukum sesat) dan mentakfirkan anda dengan isu khilafiyyah. Bahkan dikemuncaknya..mereka sanggup membunuh individu/jamaah yang tidak sehaluan dengan fikrah dan amalan mereka. Berikut disiarkan satu email dari saudara kita di Chechnya berkaitan kes pembunuhan yang berlaku di Chechnya angkara pelampau Wahhabiy :
Al-Hamdu Lillahi Rabbi-l-‘alamin, wa sall-Allahu ‘ala Ashraf al-Mursalin. Dear Brothers and Sisters, After the recent resignation of the provisional Chairman Bislan Gantamirov, the noble Shaykh Ahmad Kadyrov, the Chief Mufti of Ahlu-s-Sunnah wa-l-Jama’ah of Chechnya (hafazah-Ullah) , has taken in his blessed hands the administration of the Republic of Chechnya.
May Allah help his to serve in this new role of his with the same determination he proved during his anti-Wahhabi jihad, wherein he sacrifice his house and his noble students for the salvation of Islam and the defense of the Chechen people against fitnah an-Najdiyyah. During the last years, Shaykh Kadyrov fought with ikhlas to protect Muslims of Chechnya from the Wahhabi fitnah, and to save his people from wolves under the garment of sheep; as a consequence of his noteworthy and uncompromising fatawa in defense of the Sunni ‘aqidah, the Wahhabi thugs repeatedly tried to kill him, but Allah Ta’ala protected him for their savage plots.
Since the gangsters lead by Basayev and Khattab were not able to capture him, those criminals took revenge by killing many of his pure students and some of his innocent relatives. Those brothers of ours – may Allah reward them with al-Firdaws – are added to the list of Believers who received martyrdom by the hand of the Wahhabis butchers. Being conscious of his duty toward Allah Ta’ala, the Shaykh repeatedly exhorted his predecessor Mashkadov to take a serious stand against the bloodthirsty Saudi-paid bandits. Instead of listening to this noble ‘alim, the miserable Mashkadov shamefully betrayed both his Din and his country, and openly sided with the criminals he was called to punish.
While deserving nothing more than an equitable trail and a severe punishment, the Wahhabi marauders were all of a sadden changed into “generals” and “field commanders”, and the secret police received the order to capture the noble Shaykh. Al-hamdu Lillah, Allah prevailed in Him decree, and today Shaykh Ahmad Kadyrov – being a worthy heir of Shaykh Shamil an-Naqshbandi – is taking the pledge of leadership from the hands of his noble people, and none except heretics and hypocrites can refuse to help him in the cause of Allah.
Our Majlis declares that helping the new President of Chechnya al-Hajj al-Shaykh Ahmad Kadyrov by hands, by charities or at least by hearts and du’ahs is fard kifayah for the Ummah of those who believe in Allah and the last Day. May Allah Ta’ala give Shaykh Ahmad Kadyrov His help and a close victory. May He make him a victorious Ghazi and a worthy heir of Sayyiduna Omar and Sayydna Khalid Sayf-Ullah, of Sayyiduna Abu Ayyub Sultan and of Salahu-d-Din, of Sultan Mehmet Fathi and of Muhammad ‘Ali Pashah.
May He help in in raising the sword of Tawhid, and in applying Allah’s judgment to those Wahhabi marauders who have exceeded in sedition and rebellion. Allah Ta’ala says,”The only reward of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive to create sedition in the land, is that they be slain, or crucified, or their hands and feet be cut off on account of their enmity, or they be expelled from the land. That shall be a disgrace for them in this world, and in the Hereafter they shall have a greater punishment; except those who repent before you have them in your power. So know that Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful.” (al-Ma’idah, 36-37)Praise be to Allah and Allah knows best.Wa-s-salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmat-Ullahi wa barakatuH.

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