Posted by: bankwahabi | September 20, 2006

Whom does the Wahabi serve?


Prepared by : Al-Ghadeer Center for Islamic Studies

Translated from Arabic by : Hamid S.Atiyyah, Ph.D.

9. Whom does the Wahabi serve?

Muslims are abliged to give first priority to upholding Muslims’ interest. But do the Wahabis actually adhere to this principle Did they ever oppose colonial and imperialist plots against Muslim countries? What contributions did they make to counter the imperialist and Zionist interests in Muslim countries? And finally is it true that they are loyal to Western powers and have helped them to gain access to Muslims’ resources, and thus compromising their sovereignity and dignity?

It is clear to every Muslim that the Wahabis have faithfully served Western interests in Islamic countries. Furthermore, history of this group since the early days of its founder reveal not the slightest concern for developing Muslim communities through fighting poverty and illeteracy and upholding the rule of sharia and justice. Instead the Wahabis concentrated on labeling Muslims as heretics and idolaters who deserve to be put to death and their possessions looted. Nothing catches their interest and fires their enthusiasm except finding a grave which they believe must be destroyed or attacking anyone who asks the Prophet for intercession with Allah.

Under this banner they launched a vicious campaign against Muslims, murdering, looting and spreading discord and schism. But the safety of Muslim countries and communities against foreign attack was never one of their concerns. Thus, the Wahabi princes and religious leaders turned a blind eye to the occupation of Jerusalem, the fate of Bosnian and Lebanese Muslim and the American hegemony over Islamic countries and ex­ploitation of their oil resources.

At the same time they are outraged by the tomb of Hamza ibn Abd al-Mutalib which the Companions visited and prayed at and by the shrine of the Prophet’s grandson, al-Hussain ibn All which the Companions and early Muslims travelled long distances to visit it – and even during the lifetime of Ahmed ibn Hanbal as mentioned earlier. It is also pertinent to wonder why those Wahabis are not moved by the embargo imposed on the Libyan people as they were by the gifts they found at the Prophet’s tomb.

It is regrettable that so much of their time, effort and financial resources have been squandered on trivial issues which attract and deceive only the simple-minded. Why the Wahabis choose to focus on such issues can be answered in the following points:

First, their minds are closed and their thinking is rigid and superficial. As their writings and arguments indicate, they appear to be incapable of any profound thoughts.

Second, they fall to take into consideration basic facts about human nature and current developments in human societies. This is clearly seen in their disregard of religious. social sciences and scientific research and their total devotion to secondary and trivial issues which have no significance for the present times.

Third, their blunt language, strong criticism and obtuse viewpoints indicate that they hold no good intentions for the Islamic nation and its welfare.

Fourth, their open loyalty to Islam’s enemies is a fact requiring no further proof. It is now clear to all that the Wahabis are subservient to the West more than any other faction. As a result of this blind loyalty, the invading Zionist and imperialist forces have found it easy to penetrate Islamic countries and to destroy or plunder their resources and subjugate their populations. The Wahabis have given these foreign powers all the support they needed to realize their selfish objectives. This support has also made possible the establishment of the Zionist entity in the heart of the Muslim nation, and they continue to give it direct and indirect support. The Wahabis have also consistently helped pro-West regimes to put down liberation movements and to suppress the Islamic reawakening movement which has given them and other unpopular regimes a strong cause for worry.

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